※ Contains suggestive jokes.


Hi again! I've had a small conversation with someone.
I recognize I have made a lot of mistakes regarding my
art and designs. I have decided to write an apology.

As you may know, there is a callout account about ProjectParafer.
The contents of it explain heavy referencing and things of the kind
that I've been doing when I was still making art under the name
of ProPara. Truthfully, at the time, I didn't realize what I was doing
could hurt the concerned. I was defended by my friends
and so I thought it was not inherently bad.

I am deeply sorry to the ones I've hurt with my art.
I have been making art this way because it's what made me happy,
but I've decided to stop making art under this name to stop deceiving.
I take full accountability for the mistakes I've made, and engage
myself in never doing those again. This apology will stay
up for as long as my website host subscription lasts, so in around
10 months, May 2024, everything will be taken down automatically.
Just know that regardless of it being up or not, I still
think what I've written here. I just won't continue paying
for hosting my site if I don't use it anymore. Once again,
I apologize deeply to those I've hurt with my
art and to those I have deceived.

I'm sorry for the bad english. It is not my first language.


Hello there, blog reader!
I am making this message to announce officially ProjectParafer's departure.
I have been receiving hateful messages non-stop due to slanderous accounts
which surfaced a few weeks ago. I closed CuriousCat due to this in first place,
but my close ones thought it would be better for me to stop posting publicly altogether.

So this is it. The end of (public) ProjectParafer! Thank you to those
who supported us for so long. We will never thank you enough for those 4 years.

The discord server will be for now the only place where "ProPara art" will be posted.
So... you don't have to leave it for now! The website however will close in a
few hours, please be understanding!



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